The Nineteenth China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

Exhibition Period: September 17- 20, 2021

Exhibition Location: Chongqing international expo center (Chongqing Yuelai)

The Profile Of Exhibition:

The 19th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, the largest motorcycle exhibition in Asia, will be held on September 17-20, 2021 in Chongqing international expo center, China.

CIMAMotor focuses on everything about motorcycles. After being fostered for several years, it has become a reliable promotion platform and strategic partner of the exhibitors. We cordially invite you to participate in CIMAMotor 2021.


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  1. Getting social: 15 events to attend in August

    Getting social: 15 events to attend in August

    It already feels like we've had a whole bike season in 2021, but there's still p


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重庆摩托车博览酷车图 重庆摩托车博览酷车 重庆摩托车博览靓模
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Part exhibitor
健森动力 三国 京滨 W-STANDARD 摩德威 力魔 嘉兴西互 长长 SHAD 力扬 IXIL 动感 Motul 腾森 春风 KTM Kabuto 摩品汇 捷飕 Ktoba Nerve 征和 XENA SBK chikai KOVIX 三元 创见 万里江发 Pirelli 渝安
Associated Media:
摩托YES 中国摩托车网 摩托坊 摩托财智 爱摩托 牛摩网 摩托车网 东北摩托联盟 台湾China Economic News Service automark indoautomotive bikesa bikemagazine demotos 威风堂 摩信网 摩友e家 飞鸟摩坛 IAEE 摩托大师 摩托迷大世界 复古摩托车 大排摩托 中国骑着联盟 比亚乔摩托车部落 摩托威 光阳俱乐部 达摩院 3158展会网 摩旅指南 地域骑士 中国制造网 摩托吧 摩托欧耶 机车网 MOTO小峰 达摩院 摩信网 摩咖网 骑士网 电动车商情网

Host unit

China Auto Industry Association

China machinery and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce

China Council for the promotion of international trade

Undertaking unit

Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission

Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Committee

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chongqing Municipal Committee

China Automobile Industry Association Motorcycle Branch

Exhibition Management Agency

Chongqing Exhibition Center Co., Ltd.